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Last Call on Photos!

First off: we are fine here in Northern Virginia, at the Dana household and in general, really. We were fortunate. Our hearts go out to the people of New York City and New Jersey who were hit so hard by … Continue reading

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Sandy, the Sabbath-Maker

Like many of you, we are in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Thoughts and prayers are with those who are already being pummeled. So far, we’ve had a lot of bluster, but no ill effects. One of my friends wondered … Continue reading

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Six Reasons Why Sabbath is Good for Kids

Yesterday I met with some parents who are reading Sabbath in the Suburbs. It was a rich conversation. It was also very gratifying for me as a writer, to hear their points of resonance and connection with the words on … Continue reading

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Five Simple Ways to Dip into Sabbath This Weekend

Thursday is often the day that Robert and I take a look at the weekend and figure out our upcoming Sabbath. Will it be on Saturday, as is traditional for us? (I work on Sunday, of course.) What will the … Continue reading

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Sabbath and Justice

One of the criticisms that gets lobbed at Sabbath-keeping is that it’s a solitary, selfish, navel-gazing exercise. I talk about this some in the book. Sabbath began as a communal observance among the Jews, and later the Christians. If Sabbath … Continue reading

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Do You Have a BHAG?

This photo from the Sabbath Photo Contest is speaking to me today:   First, because that’s an airline napkin poking out of the book, and I’m flying home today after a week away at a clergy retreat/conference. And second, because … Continue reading

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One of My Favorites Spaces… And Where It All Began

Some of you know that Iona is one of my spiritual places, and it’s also where our Sabbath impulse (and later, the book) begins. My friend Krystal just returned from a pilgrimage to Iona and she brought some reading material … Continue reading

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