Keep the Photos Coming!

This week I am away for several days of retreat in one of my favorite places on earth. Meanwhile people continue to read the book and share their thoughts and reactions, which is so gratifying. Thank you!

I love receiving pictures of the book in different Sabbathy locales… here are two recent favorites:

My friend Ashley keeps bees at her church, and wrote about it here. Sounds like a powerful spiritual discipline. By the way…there’s a quote about bees in the book.

This one comes from Kelley, one of the friends I’m with this week. She sent this picture with a note that said—almost apologetically—“This is one of the few places that Sabbath happens right now.” Hey, with teenage kids in the house, a meal together can be a rare thing, but what a fantastic opportunity for a Sabbath pause at the end of the day.

Have a picture to share? Send it to me and I’ll enter you in a drawing for some Sabbath swag. Details here.

By the way, I feel it important to say that these posts were written before I left and scheduled to post while I’m gone. I am really and truly away, and trying to practice what I preach…


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