Do You Have a BHAG?

This photo from the Sabbath Photo Contest is speaking to me today:


First, because that’s an airline napkin poking out of the book, and I’m flying home today after a week away at a clergy retreat/conference.

And second, because at this conference we were encouraged to set a BHAG: a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. That’s not too far off from the “Ultimate To-Do List” on that napkin, eh?

I have a BHAG that I’m pretty pumped about. How about you? Have you taken the time to dream about a big life goal? Sometimes we don’t give ourselves that space, but a regular time for Sabbath rest, renewal and play can help recalibrate our thinking.

What’s your BHAG?


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4 Responses to Do You Have a BHAG?

  1. That’s good timing – I had at BHAG, met it and since then have been kind of blue and was just thinking it’s probably time for another in order to get the old juices flowing again. Did they talk at the retreat about what to do POST-BHAG? I’ve found it more difficult than expected.

    • MaryAnn says:

      They didn’t, but I went a little nuts after the book was done, and I think now it was because I achieved the BHAG and didn’t have anything to take its place.

      • Glad to hear I’m not the only one. 🙂 Will look forward to hearing about the Next Big Thing. LOVING your book,btw. Having to keep hiding it from myself so I can get some work done. And yes, I appreciate the irony of this.

  2. Bob Braxton says:

    poet laureate of the United States by my 114th birthday

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