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Shepherding the Family through Social Media

“Mommy, can I have an Instagram account?” my daughter asked from the back seat of the van. We were on our way home from a retreat I’d led for a church in South Carolina. I’d decided to bring the family … Continue reading

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Unplug Next Friday!

Originally posted on The Blue Room, my author site. I’ve written before about the Sabbath Manifesto folks. I love their whimsy and style in promoting a practice that’s deep and ancient, yet ripe for a reboot. Check out their ten principles for … Continue reading

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Surviving the Gratitude Posts on Facebook

Are you taking part in the 30 day gratitude challenge? Or has it been inflicted on you by your Facebook friends? I’m kidding about that… though there’s been good discussion this month about potential mine fields in the gratitude challenge. One … Continue reading

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S.L.O.W. Down for Sabbath

Inspiration comes from unlikely places, and at just the right time. Several months ago, my mother gave me a clipping from Spirit, the magazine of Southwest Airlines. I tucked it away and just re-discovered it. The article is called “Not So Fast” … Continue reading

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Fight the FOMO!

Do you have Fear of Missing Out? I take a tech Sabbath each weekend, which for me means no social media from Friday night until Monday morning. I have three basic things I do: 1. I delete the Facebook app … Continue reading

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Bonus Link: Why Doing Nothing is the Key to Happiness

Over at my personal blog, I post links every Friday to random stuff that interests me. Here at this site, I’ll share links every so often that are more specific to the themes of Sabbath, rest, renewal, and play. A … Continue reading

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