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Wisdom for Runners and Sabbathers

I’ve been running for some 18 months now. Somewhere along the way, I transitioned from being someone who runs to being a runner. I now read about running, strategize my routes, have strong opinions about my footwear, blah blah blah. … Continue reading

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You’ve Got an Extra Week… Make the Most of It

Thanksgiving has come and gone—only a few remnants of leftovers remain—and yet we still have a few days of November left. Thanksgiving was so early that Advent (the four Sundays prior to Christmas) doesn’t begin until this Sunday, December 2. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: A Week to Live Sabbathly

If you’re in the United States, you’ve got a great opportunity to practice a little Sabbath-keeping this week. Thanksgiving is a great holiday because it can be done simply, if you choose to approach it that way. Even if you … Continue reading

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Mission Impossible? Sabbath Keeping with Teens

Recently I spoke to a group of parents about ways to observe Sabbath in their families. People shared some great ideas as always. And as always, the parents of teens ended up stumping me the most. The teen years are … Continue reading

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Giving the Gift of Time this Christmas

As the machinery of the Christmas season begins to grind and whirr—and like it or not, it has begun—it’s worth thinking about the gifts we hope to give our loved ones. Time is often the most treasured gift. Here’s a short … Continue reading

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Sabbath Photo Contest–We Have a Winner!

Back in October I had a little contest in which I asked people to send me photos of the book in Sabbathy locations. I received a few dozen entries, which I put in a random number generator… and we have … Continue reading

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Do As I Say, and Occasionally As I Do… or Don’t Do

I was away over the weekend speaking to a wonderful group of folks about Sabbath and other good things as well: transformation, creativity, community. Tuesday it was all about catchup, then the election. I was up late into the night. … Continue reading

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