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Would You Zap Your Brain to Live More “Sabbathly”?

Originally posted at The Blue Room. Yesterday I listened to a Radiolab podcast about trans-cranial direct current stimulation, tDCS. From the show’s description:  Learn a new language faster than ever! Leave doubt in the dust! Be a better sniper! Could you do all … Continue reading

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A Hidden Cause of Helicopter Parenting

Originally posted at The Blue Room. A few days ago a friend of mine posted this article from Slate, “Why Millennials Can’t Grow Up: Helicopter parenting has caused my psychotherapy clients to crash land.” The author is a mental health professional who’s … Continue reading

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S.L.O.W. Down for Sabbath

Inspiration comes from unlikely places, and at just the right time. Several months ago, my mother gave me a clipping from Spirit, the magazine of Southwest Airlines. I tucked it away and just re-discovered it. The article is called “Not So Fast” … Continue reading

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Be Like the Hill: A Quote from Wendell Berry

Somewhere along the way I got a free Kindle edition of The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays of Wendell Berry. I’ve been making my way through them very slowly… like, over a period of years. I love Wendell … Continue reading

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Ten Ways to Savor the Gift of Time

A woman immigrated to the United States and began the arduous task of learning English. Part of learning a language conversationally, of course, involves reflecting back what one hears others say. So when people would greet the woman and ask … Continue reading

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Giving the Gift of Time this Christmas

As the machinery of the Christmas season begins to grind and whirr—and like it or not, it has begun—it’s worth thinking about the gifts we hope to give our loved ones. Time is often the most treasured gift. Here’s a short … Continue reading

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