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My Interview with PBS

I’m back from Chicago, where I led a group of lovely Presbyterian pastors in a Sabbath retreat on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I learned while I was there that next year’s speaker will be Phyllis Tickle. Boy howdy! As I … Continue reading

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I Forgot to Listen. Twitter Helped Me Remember

Like many of you, I watched the inaugural festivities on TV. And like many of you, I was in the company of not only my family, but also far-flung loved ones through the magic of social media. I read people’s … Continue reading

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Let Us Discuss…

Sabbath in the Suburbs: A Guide for Reflection and Discussion Note to the Reader and Chapter 1. “Beginnings” What images, positive or negative, come to mind when you think about Sabbath? Do you take time for rest and renewal in … Continue reading

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Coffee with Jesus Goes Sabbathy

I got this comic sent to me umpteen times yesterday—I think I’m now The Sabbath Lady—but it’s pretty on point.   May you find make time for some maintenance this week. And if my book and Coffee with Jesus aren’t … Continue reading

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Guess What the Key to Happiness Is?

From the Pacific Standard. According to a new study: Who among us are the most happy? Newly published research suggests it is those fortunate folks who have little or no excess time, and yet seldom feel rushed. This busy but blissful group … Continue reading

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Be Like the Hill: A Quote from Wendell Berry

Somewhere along the way I got a free Kindle edition of The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays of Wendell Berry. I’ve been making my way through them very slowly… like, over a period of years. I love Wendell … Continue reading

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Ten Ways to Savor the Gift of Time

A woman immigrated to the United States and began the arduous task of learning English. Part of learning a language conversationally, of course, involves reflecting back what one hears others say. So when people would greet the woman and ask … Continue reading

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