Sandy, the Sabbath-Maker

Like many of you, we are in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Thoughts and prayers are with those who are already being pummeled. So far, we’ve had a lot of bluster, but no ill effects.

One of my friends wondered on Facebook whether the storm provides a bit of “enforced Sabbath,” at least in its initial stages. Indeed, the day has felt oddly reminiscent of our wintry Sabbaths: many of us are in our pajamas; the kids have been playing on their own and together; I’ve done my share of baking. And we’ve watched movies—might as well while we still can.

At some point I do expect the weather to shift and the relaxed Sabbathy feelings to evaporate. But even that shift is an occasion for gratitude for the things we take for granted. Our house is solid. I expect us to lose power (we always do) and even if it’s off for a matter of days, it will be restored. In the meantime, we are prepared, and there’s nobody I’d rather be with than the people under this roof.

Let not your hearts be troubled. May you weather the storm. And may there be moments of peace.

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pastor, writer, haphazard knitter
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