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Beyond Busy

My friend Jan posted a question a few weeks ago and I’ve been thinking about it ever since: How do you respond when someone says, “Wow, you’re so busy.” It makes me wonder: Do I give off the appearance of … Continue reading

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Busyness is Not a Virtue

Here’s one of the videos I use in group presentations on Sabbath in the Suburbs. (It’s also available as one of the Sabbath Supplementals study materials.) It’s short, just a couple of minutes, but usually enough to get people talking … Continue reading

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Words Matter

One of my favorite of the Sabbath Supplemental videos is this, our version of a fast-draw video: What does the word “busy” stir up in you? This was a discussion on Facebook recently. As the video indicates, I know a … Continue reading

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Guess What the Key to Happiness Is?

From the Pacific Standard. According to a new study: Who among us are the most happy? Newly published research suggests it is those fortunate folks who have little or no excess time, and yet seldom feel rushed. This busy but blissful group … Continue reading

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A ‘Non-Theist’ Likes Sabbath in the Suburbs

J writes in his review on Goodreads: As a non-theist single guy, I didn’t expect the book would speak to me. I was surprised when it did… The takeaway for me was making explicit time for what is important to you. … Continue reading

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Countdown to Launch: Why We Did It, Why I Wrote It

For the next several days, as we celebrate the launch of Sabbath in the Suburbs, I’ll be sharing short excerpts from the book to give you a taste of what’s there. Today’s excerpt comes from “A Note to the Reader” … Continue reading

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