Busyness is Not a Virtue

Here’s one of the videos I use in group presentations on Sabbath in the Suburbs. (It’s also available as one of the Sabbath Supplementals study materials.)

It’s short, just a couple of minutes, but usually enough to get people talking about the theology of “busy” and what’s at stake when we use that kind of language.

Here’s a resource that came to me today that goes deeper into “busy”—what it means and how we can escape it. It’s an excellent article from the iDoneThis blog, called Busyness is Not a Virtue.

Thanks to my friend Alex Hendrickson for sharing it. Like Alex, I love the transformation from FOMO, Fear of Missing Out, to JOMO—Joy of Missing Out.

I also resonated with the bit about something “not being a priority.” I use that language all the time with my kids, when they ask why we haven’t done something: “It’s just not a priority.” And just as the article says, that phrase serves as a great mirror for how you’re aligning your life:

“Mommy, why is our yard brown?” “It’s not a priority.” Check.
“Mommy, my shoes are getting worn out and tight; why haven’t we gotten new ones?” “Not a priority.” Oops.

What are you tricks for taming and reframing the busy?

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