A Message That Makes it Worthwhile

medium_8677011109I have a lot of fun talking to groups about the book, and sharing whatever wisdom I have to help people live a more abundant, spacious life. But it’s not always clear what kind of long-term impact these events have. Changing one’s life is hard work. And there’s a lot conspiring against us, both good things (passion for our work, a full life and vocation) and not-so-good things (unrealistic expectations, financial stresses).

So I was gratified to receive this message recently after an event:

One of my personal Sabbath principles is to take better care of myself so that I may reflect God’s love in what I say and do. We moved this summer, and after setting up house and getting my two kids settled, my needs have taken a backseat.  Or maybe all the way back in the trailer?

This mother is now seeking someone to watch her preschooler for a few hours a week, to give herself some space to breathe and recharge. Hallelujah!

Notice how she framed all of this: she realizes the need for Sabbath time so she can better live out her God-given vocation among her loved ones. We’re sometimes conditioned to view Sabbath as a selfish impulse, but Jesus’ command to love God, love neighbor and love self are not three distinct instructions. They are intertwined.

Many thanks to this person for writing to me and letting me share her words.


By the way, starting later this month and through December I’ll be writing weekly email articles including tips and inspiration to have a “Sabbathy” Advent and Christmas. Interested? Sign up here.

photo credit: lestaylorphoto via photopin cc


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