Write Your Own Sabbath Manifesto

Sabbath-Manifesto-cell-phone-sleeping-bags-white-00351This weekend I led the Family Conference at Massanetta Springs Camp and Conference Center, where we enjoyed “Sabbath at the Springs.” It was a drizzly but very full and fruitful weekend. Many worlds collided there: in addition to having my writer and retreat leader hat on, there were folks from the church I currently serve and the one I used to serve, plus their new pastors, who are friends of mine for many years. And of course my family was there.

Happy and grateful.

Among other things, we talked about the Sabbath Manifesto, which are 10 principles for Sabbath-keeping, such as light candles, drink wine, get outside, give back, etc. Sponsored by Reboot, a group of Jewish artists, the project and manifesto try to make the Sabbath more accessible (and even hip).

I had groups write their own Sabbath Manifestos, which we shared aloud. I wish I’d had the presence of mind to have someone write them all down, but one group took their notes on an iPad and emailed them to me. Here is part of their list:

  • Get outside : smell, feel, look at the earth
  • Feel alive/passionate about something: Laugh, Cry, Think
  • Share with someone: happy or other feelings
  • Rest in Quiet: pray & prepare by expanding awareness of others around me
  • Find sanctuary in community: sabbath is about more than ourselves
  • “Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary”
  • Do something creative to elicit/use the brain
  • Repetitive family/personal Patterns & pathways change our life
  • Use car time to talk/connect with those on the journey with you-put yourself in another’s shoes/

What would your Sabbath manifesto include?

Image is the Cell Phone Sleeping Bag, sponsored by Reboot.


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1 Response to Write Your Own Sabbath Manifesto

  1. Kent says:

    Some from our group I remember off the top of my head are:

    Consult your right brain
    Do something that brings you joy
    Practice patience
    Block madness

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