Sabbath Supplementals Update

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It’s been fun to hear from book group leaders, pastors, and church educators about their plans to use Sabbath in the Suburbs this fall. Still need to order yours? Chalice and Amazon are open for business, or you can order directly from me.

The Sabbath Supplementals should be out late next week, here on this blog and at The Blue Room. Just a reminder that these materials will include:

  • Five short videos (2-4 minutes each) with discussion questions that connect to the themes of the book. I am VERY excited at how these are turning out and grateful to Lukrative Visual Products for producing them, and to my publisher, Chalice Press for supporting the project.
  • Suggested readings and prayers to use when opening your meeting.
  • A series of discussion/retreat modules. This will be a mix and match resource that you can adapt to fit your own group’s demographics and interests.

For those of you who are starting your groups sooner than that, I hope the regular discussion guide will tide you over. See also the best of the Sabbath posts for more goodies than you could ever hope to use.

Although I’m happy for you to stalk this blog all week as you wait for the announcement, if you want to be informed as soon as they’re released you can subscribe to my email newsletter. The subscription form says “two messages a month” but it’s more like one message every two months. That’s a Sabbathly way to do it, no?

Finally, thank you for your support of me and this book. Sabbath in the Suburbs is a year old this month. I’m grateful for your companionship on this journey!

Image is from Lukrative Visual.

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