Sabbath as a Time for Balance


Larry Hagman

I love hearing from readers about the connections they make as they read Sabbath in the Suburbs. Like this tidbit I received via email:

Reading the book also helped me recall a habit of Larry Hagman’s:

One of his strangest habits, which continued for some years, was not speaking on Sundays. His silence had no religious connotation, he said, adding, “You’ve got to try it to appreciate how nice it is.” source

I found that phrase “no religious connotation” interesting…. I wonder – perhaps it had a spiritual connotation that he chose not to share.

Very interesting indeed!

One of the suggestions I put forth in the book is to think about Sabbath as a time to bring oneself back into a sense of balance. So if you’re cooped up in an office all week, Sabbath is the time to get outside, even if you end up working in the yard while you’re out there. Or if you are an uber-planner like me, then Sabbath is a day toputter.

And for an actor, I can see how a fast from verbal communication could be quite refreshing.

The weekend approaches. Will you be able to grab a wee bit of Sabbath? How about bringing a little equilibrium back to your life?


Originally posted at The Blue Room.

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