Sabbath with Teenagers, Continued

Black-Christmas-SabbathKerrie was in a group I led recently on the book, and she offers this wonderful comment on my post from last month about observing Sabbath with teens:

…When the kids were small we had family Sabbath every Sunday but as you point out, they become teens and their lives get in the way of our plans ; ) So we are attempting a month of setting aside family Sabbath time each weekend during Advent (maybe a nutty time to try, but it is only four weeks so it seems doable). Last Saturday evening we stayed home, put on Christmas music, put out fancy appetizers, got out the decorations, played a game, made Christmas cookies & watched “Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol.” It was really special because we planned it ahead of time. I think that is key–getting it on the calendar. We have it on the calendar for this Sunday evening & hope to be able to honor it! Thank you for the inspiration.

This warms my heart!

Sabbath does not just happen, does it? What might you do right now to make some space for Sabbath, even in this busy month?

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