You’ve Got an Extra Week… Make the Most of It

Our December is probably not going to look like this.

Thanksgiving has come and gone—only a few remnants of leftovers remain—and yet we still have a few days of November left. Thanksgiving was so early that Advent (the four Sundays prior to Christmas) doesn’t begin until this Sunday, December 2. That means that we have this bonus week to contend with.

Let’s call it Intention Week.

This is the week we get strapped into the roller coaster and start clickety-clacking up that hill, bracing for the holiday ride… so it’s time to decide.

Hear that silence? See the conductor raise his baton, the orchestra poised to begin that brisk holiday rondo? That means it’s time to decide:

How will it be for you this year?

What is your intention for these few precious weeks?

How might we welcome the spirit of Christ, the incarnation of God, into our lives again?

It’s time to decide.

What traditions are life-giving and non-negotiable?

Which rituals drain your energy and that of your family?

Does the holiday have to be meticulously perfect? Or can these next few weeks be splendidly imperfect, warm and leisurely, with ample Sabbath time for the Christ child to peek in through some cracks in your tight holiday schedule?

And when you arrive at January 1, bowl games on the TV and a bowl of black-eyed peas in your lap (or is that just a Southern thing?), what do you hope to see when you reflect back on Advent 2012?

We are human. Our best laid plans can go awry. We can get caught up in pleasing others rather than tending to what’s deeply important. But our intent matters, and it’s time to set our intent.

How will it be for you this year?

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2 Responses to You’ve Got an Extra Week… Make the Most of It

  1. Kelley says:

    Yes! I love this. In my sermon last Sunday I was talking about the flow of the liturgical year and how Christ the King Sunday usually comes before Thanksgiving thus we have an extra week (pause)…to prepare for the Christ Child. My congregation literally laughed out loud because they were sure I was going to say “an extra week to shop!”
    Our Sabbath intention is to experience the days leading up to Christmas instead of stressing through them.

  2. Bob Braxton says:

    only the present and doesn’t have to be: tense

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