Thanksgiving: A Week to Live Sabbathly

If you’re in the United States, you’ve got a great opportunity to practice a little Sabbath-keeping this week. Thanksgiving is a great holiday because it can be done simply, if you choose to approach it that way. Even if you go all out with the meal, many of us have a long weekend to enjoy and recover after Turkey Day.

Not only that, but Thanksgiving is very early this year, which means that the Christmas season will be long. Advent, if that’s you’re thing, doesn’t come until December 2. So don’t feel like you have to overload the weekend—you’ve got an extra week in there!

This summer when I was with the Young Clergy Women we came up with “Sabbath merit badges.” I was inspired by the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts and wondered, what would a Sabbath badge be like? What would one do, or not do, to receive this badge? What would it look like? The YCWs gamely took up this challenge, and a few of them are below. May they inspire you to enjoy Thanksgiving week at a savoring pace.

Like how the religious symbol is holding the chaos (upper right) at bay!


Liked the “avoid” and “engage” in this one.


This group chose “tea” as a central symbol for their badge. Nice.


Delightfully simple. (The “trample” refers to a verse in Isaiah that urges us not to “trample” the Sabbath. I like that this badge comes “pre-sewn.” My poor daughter is a junior scout and I STILL have not attached all the badges to her Brownie vest!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. See you next week.


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