Do As I Say, and Occasionally As I Do… or Don’t Do

I was away over the weekend speaking to a wonderful group of folks about Sabbath and other good things as well: transformation, creativity, community.

Tuesday it was all about catchup, then the election. I was up late into the night.

All week long I have been thinking that I need to post to the blog—my goal is once or twice a week here and the same at my author site—but it just hasn’t happened.

I finally realized that I am worn out from the weekend. And I’m worn out from words, whether from the politicians or from my own mouth.

So I am giving myself a Sabbath from the Sabbath blog. I don’t know why it took several days of pushing and guilt over not writing before I realized that I could give myself that permission. I could let go.

Isn’t it something, the way we have to learn things again and again?

At any rate… I will be back here next week. Until then—may you find a way to say No to something, then step back in wonderment that the world did not end.

About MaryAnn

pastor, writer, haphazard knitter
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