Countdown to Launch: On Why There Probably Shouldn’t Be a Countdown

“What’s it like to be done?”

“How does it feel to have a book out?”

“Does it seem ‘real’ to you yet?”

It’s hard to know how to respond. I don’t feel all that different. Perhaps because there have been many milestones to react to along the way: the contract, hitting “send” on the first draft, getting the typeset PDF, receiving the bound copies of the book.

Life is like that, no? There are a few big Before and After moments in our lives: Birth. Death. Marriage. Graduation. But most major transitions (even those I just listed) come over time, with lots of decisions, hard work and course corrections. Life changes are more like Burma Shave signs, with several small markers that make up a single complete statement. The book has been like that. That dynamic helps to distribute the emotional impact over time. I’ve been getting used to the idea of being “done” for a while now.

In our family, we like to celebrate the big events, usually by going out to dinner. (Then there’s the nights we’re so beat we can’t even open a can of soup. Also commemorated by going out to dinner.) Writing a book has had many out-to-dinner moments.

That said, this Sunday is a big one, and it may be the final one: the launch on Amazon. Kindle book’s up for pre-order as well. Huzzah.

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