Countdown to Launch: Yes… There’s Swag

Last night my writing group hosted a book launch party for me prior to our local presbytery meeting. In addition to selling books, I gave out Sabbath sticky notes:

Everybody has a to-do list. But do you have a to-don’t list?

If you weren’t lucky enough to be at the presbytery meeting last night, you can pick up some yourself at Chalice’s website. There’s also “Live Sabbathly” T-shirts, water bottles and mugs available. Oh, and books.

So why do we have Sabbath swag?

1. It’s fun.

2. Physical reminders are actually helpful in getting us into the right mindset. I swear my blood pressure goes down as soon as I put my fuzzy slippers on. And cup of coffee in a Sabbath mug conveys something different than that same coffee in a jumbo-sized tankard with spillproof lid for urban commandos making that morning commute.

3. Sticky-note lists are an important Sabbath tool. Find out why in the book.

4. Did I mention fun?


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1 Response to Countdown to Launch: Yes… There’s Swag

  1. Rachel Heslin says:

    I saw the list of swag in the back of the book and think it’s very cool.

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