Countdown to Launch: Sabbath Is My Kryptonite

For the next several days, as we celebrate the launch of Sabbath in the Suburbs, I’ll be sharing short excerpts from the book to give you a taste of what’s there.

The book is part of the Young Clergy Women imprint. I’m proud to have been a founding board member of YCW, even though I have since aged out of the group. ~Ahem~

YCW has a great online magazine called Fidelia’s Sisters, and last month they published a short excerpt from the book, called “Sabbath is My Kryptonite.” This was for their Moms in Ministry feature, so the section is pretty family focused. While I do write a good bit about our family in the book, folks who’ve read the book have found plenty of good stuff for people from all stages of life.

With that said… away we go:

Sometimes, the so-called mommy wars are waged over breast- feeding versus bottle, or crib versus family bed. Sometimes, they begin over baked goods.

It all starts in a very silly way. I post an offhand comment on Facebook gushing about the glory that is Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread mix. It has provided spicy goodness, fresh from the oven, on many a sabbath day this winter (not to mention random Tuesdays and Fridays). You only need an egg and some oil, as opposed to canned pumpkin and a bevy of spices I don’t always have on hand.

A friend responds dismissively, asking why someone would need a mix in order to make pumpkin bread, which after all is so easy. I feel an angry flash of Who asked you? followed by the briefest tremor of shame—if I really loved my family, I’d make them something homemade. Then I decide not to take the bait. To each her own, right? I celebrate pumpkin bread in all its forms. Later though, I feel unsettled. Our kitchen feeds five people several times a day. What’s wrong with using a mix when the result is just as good?

Read the rest here.

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1 Response to Countdown to Launch: Sabbath Is My Kryptonite

  1. Rachel Heslin says:

    Confession #1: I felt the same way about using Bisquick rather than making pancakes from scratch (“But it’s so easy to make pancakes from ‘real’ ingredients!”)

    Confession #2: I realize that I never actually make pancakes from scratch.

    Maybe I need to pick up some Bisquick and quit letting the Shoulds get in the way of me and pancakes.

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